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Need Help With Accounts Receivable Management?

NowAccount is an invoice acceleration tool

Accounts Receivable Management

Accounts receivable management can be tricky for most businesses because you have limited control over how quickly your customer pays you, and nowadays customers want longer payment terms. This can prove to be time consuming and costly because until your customer pays, your revenue is tied up in accounts receivable and sitting in their bank account, which is why everyone wants to get paid quickly.

Tying up cash is A/R is detrimental to cash flow, which is the lifeblood of every business. Control over accounts receivable management helps predict the flow of cash from your customers who pay on time, but again, it’s hard to control and forecast cash flow when you don’t know if or when you will receive payment. 

So, how do you compromise? NOWaccount’s B2B and B2G accounts receivable management helps you get paid quickly while offering extended payment terms, so that you can focus on what truly matters: growing your business. Find out how NOWaccount can help you collect cash fast, keep you organized, and give your customers the flexible payment terms they desire.

Reduce Account Receivable Management Costs

- Focus on Growing your Business -

Starting a business is easy nowadays, but scaling a business can prove challenging as many owners struggle to balance growth and operational management. In most businesses, the biggest use of time and talent is dedicated to A/R management, which doesn’t help you bring in new customers.

We have a solution for you, so you can stop chasing payments and focus on sustainable growth. NOWaccount, an accounts receivable management tool, can help you grow your business through any business cycle without A/R distractions. As you process invoices through the NOWaccount portal, you convert your accounts receivable to cash and eliminate the risk of non-payment. No need to devote time and talent to collections, no headache around cash flow crunches, no more excuses to not focus on business growth. 

Managing Accounts Receivable – Why It Matters

Accounts receivable management is essential to ensuring your customers pay their invoices and in turn, increases liquidity and strengthens your company’s financial position. Firms that don’t closely monitor accounts receivable and enforce a formal collection policy may not generate sufficient cash flows for operation. If this happens, they may need to borrow money and incur interest costs. Well-managed companies with a solid accounts receivable management system minimize borrowing costs and run efficiently; and proper accounts receivable management will improve your eligibility for the better and cheaper financing options down the road. 

The Lengthy Collection Process

One way to ensure your business has a steady stream of income is to reduce your customer’s payment terms and follow up with outstanding customers. Unfortunately, this can be time-consuming for your business.  While every business enjoys collecting revenues, not all organizations take a proactive approach to ensure receivables are collected on a timely basis. A formal, written policy for collections — and enforcing that policy — is the best way to improve accounts receivable. However, enforcing that policy is time consuming, especially if you are short on staff. And, nagging customers to get paid quickly can hurt customer relationships. The result is often filled with frustration and unnecessary costs.

Imagine a World without A/R

NOW’s invoice management and invoice processing solution is your secret weapon for accounts receivable management. By turning your invoices into revenue immediately, you eliminate the need for accounts receivable and can pivot that time and talent toward growing your business.

The Benefits Are Obvious

Accelerated Payments

Receive revenue from invoices in 5 business days regardless of payment terms offered

Enhanced Growth Focus

Reduce time spent on collections — get back to focusing on what’s most important: your business growth

Improved Cash Flow Forecasting

Never guess about payments because you’ll always get paid within 5 days of invoicing

Reduced Administrative Costs

Time and talent shifts away from A/R management and collection calls by converting A/R to cash

Increased New Business

Close on new contracts by offering longer, flexible payment terms

Decreased Write-Offs

Non-recourse funding offered by NOWaccount means that you’re not liable for customer non-payment

How Does NOWaccount Work?

Instead of waiting 30, 60, or even 90 days to get paid, NOWaccount operates just like accepting a credit card. It’s an innovative payment system that allows you to get paid fast minus a flat processing fee and has a protection system that guarantees payment, even if your customer defaults.

NOWaccount is a simple way to unlock the cash sitting in your accounts receivable and get you paid FAST:

  1. Deliver goods or services to your customers.
  2. Send your invoice to your customer and upload the invoice to your NOWaccount portal. 
  3. Your invoice will have a remittance address to a NOW Corp lockbox, so you don’t have to worry about collecting your customer’s payment.
  4. Get paid by NOW Corp in less than 5 days.

What’s the Catch?

There is no catch. It truly is very simple. We charge a one-time convenience fee to process a standard invoice and your cost savings alone covers our low, flat fee! The possibilities are endless when you increase your cash flow and focus on financial risk management: you can pay off debt quicker, not worry about paying for recurring monthly payments, and invest in your business for monstrous growth! 

Are you ready to put the flow back in cash flow? 

Businesses who qualify have a qualifying business credit score and issue B2B/B2G invoices with terms (issued by incorporated, LLC and S-Corp companies).

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