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Cash Flow Management with NowAccount

Successfully increase and manage your cash flow by unlocking cash tied up in accounts receivable. Transform future revenue into working capital. 

Businesses who sell to other businesses or governments are encouraged to sign up.



When you fulfill an order and issue an invoice to a customer, your revenue sits in your accounts receivable until your customer decides to pay. According to Intuit’s 2019 Cash Flow Reports, most businesses have at least $10,000 tied up in A/R at any moment. If you were able to accelerate that invoice payment from your customer, you could easily maintain operations, reinvest your revenue, and eliminate the cash flow crunch that most businesses experience. Luckily, with NowAccount, you can easily convert your accounts receivable into cash and collect your revenue within days of sending an invoice. With accelerated invoice payments, companies keep cash flowing and easily meet short-term goals and long-term projections. 

If Cash is King, Flow is Queen

We’ve all heard that cash is king when it comes to the increasing liquidity of a growing company, but the gap between delivering goods and services and receiving payment from your customers causes cash flow constraints – and that’s never a good feeling. If you got paid for sales the instant you made them, cash flow issues would rarely be an issue, but unfortunately this isn’t the case in business-to-business or business-to-government transactions that require invoicing and payment terms. Take control of your cash flow by accelerating your invoice payments and converting invoices into revenue quickly with NowAccount. NowAccount is not only one of the best ways to ensure that your cash continues to flow, but it’s also the least expensive and the fastest way to remove stress around business operations. 

Why Is Cash Flow So Important?

Having a steady stream of cash on hand is the most important aspect of every business. Think of it like your car’s gas tank: you never want it to dip below empty. Cash on hand ensures you can pay salaries on time, cover recurring expenses like rent, and have funds to invest in the future of your business. Without healthy cash flow, it could be hard to regularly pay your employees, always keep the lights on or survive unexpected economic downturns.  

In fact, the reason many small businesses fail is because of the lack of operating cash flow, which is usually caused by the cash flow constraints caused by B2B invoicing. Luckily, when cash flow is freed up from accounts receivable, the constant worry about paying bills is eliminated, and instead of focusing on payments, you can focus on strengthening your vendor and customer relationships, on confidently paying utilities and payroll on time, every time, and on running and growing a successful company. 

A NOW Success Story of Increased Cash Flow


Businesses who sell to other businesses or governments are encouraged to sign up.

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