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The Story of Now

Now was started by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

Now was created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

In 2010, we created NowAccount ® because waiting for our customers to pay their invoices was causing our business to grow out of business. Initially, we celebrated landing big contracts and getting big orders from customers, but weeks and weeks would pass before invoices would get paid. We needed working capital to pay our suppliers and our employees but our cash was tied up in our unpaid invoices. Basically we were a free bank to our customers.

Everyone told us to get a line of credit or try factoring (we call factoring the “f word”), and we thought, “Why should we have to borrow money or factor when we are the lender? There had to be a better way!”

Now there is a better way! (every pun intended). With NowAccount, businesses can get paid their actual revenue immediately without being forced to turn to risky and expensive loans or factoring.

NOW-Lara-Hodgson-Story_455x520_V02 Lara Hodgson, Founder and CEO of NOW Corp, speaking at Venture Atlanta

Now's Mission, Vision, and Values

Now’s mission is to enable businesses to grow fearlessly.

Now’s Vision is to create a world where diverse businesses of all sizes have access to capital, commerce, and customer opportunities.

We Value O.N.E.G.O.A.L.

Optimism-We are hopeful and confident about the future. We see the potential in everything and everyone. If a business owner feels defeated when they arrive at our door, we lift them up.

Network-We hold our network in high regard. We believe in connecting people and the power of community.

Ethical-We are honest. We are available and accessible. We are upfront and transparent.  We partner with good people and businesses.

Grit-We are wildly courageous and spirited.  We approach challenges with fortitude.

Original thinking-We are able to create things from nothing. Our thoughts are focused, analytical, and creative. We have a willingness to learn. We develop ideas.

Advocacy-We are entrepreneurs who advocate for other entrepreneurs. We are a group that fights every day to level the playing field for business owners everywhere.

Liberty and Justice for all-Diversity, equality, fairness, inclusion, listening, seeing. Being seen (telling our story and those of our clients). We work with people that fall on every end of the spectrum and we love that. We serve the heartbeat of the American economy.

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