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Get Paid Faster

Grow your Business

Get paid immediately after you invoice your clients.


Introducing NowAccount

NowAccount is committed to helping your business grow through accelerated invoice payments.

How it works

Upload Invoices into NowAccount & Convert your Receivables into Cash


Deliver goods or services and invoice your customer

Choose to accelerate invoice payments with your NowAccount

Get Paid within 1 day!

Rest easily while we manage the invoices and do the waiting for you.

NowAccount is committed to helping your business grow through accelerated invoice payments.

Don’t take risky loans or wait 30, 60, or 90 days. Work seamlessly with your NowAccount and get your customer invoices paid within one day for a single transaction fee (3%-5%).


Increase Opportunity
& Drive Commerce

Access working capital, drive commerce, and grow fearlessly.


Cash Flow and Revenue

NowAccount is an accelerated payment solution that enables you to access future revenue immediately.


Eliminate Risk

NowAccount transactions are risk-free. You get paid in days, whether your customer pays on time or not at all.


Flexible Invoice Payment

Easy set-up, flat fees, and inclusive of all types of B2B and B2G businesses. Choose which customers you use NowAccount with.


Optimize Workflow

Get the flow back by reducing administrative burden. All you have to do is send the invoice and we’ll take it from there.


A Network for Growing

A network linking small business to large customer contracts and orders.
Built for small and medium sized businesses wanting to grow and have
a seat at the table.

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Stacey Abrams co-founded fintech company Now raises $9.5M

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Stacey Abrams Co-Founded Now Banks $9.5M Series A To Automate B2B Invoices, Payments

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Lara Hodgson, CEO

Hear our story from Our CEO, Lara Hodgson

Lara Hodgson, CEO
Our Service

How you get paid changes everything.

Frank Payne needed to accelerate cash flow to take on more clients. By using NowAccount, he was able to reinvest in his business and his team to double his revenue.

Frank Payne, Founder of PQC International
"We are a consulting firm. And, if we can have our cash now, we can double revenues annually."
Frank Payne, Founder of PQC International
clients pages sheila jordan knowledge architects v03
Sheila Jordan, Managing Partner Knowledge Architects

“NowAccount helped us grow from $1.5 million to $18 million in two years.”

Sheila Jordan, Managing Partner Knowledge Architects

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