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We’ve listed our Frequently Asked Questions and posted video tutorials below in hopes that you can easily find an answer to your question. If you’d prefer to speak directly with a member of the Now Team, please call 855-966-9435 or email [email protected].

What are Now's invoice requirements?

Now requires that each invoice includes the following seven components to process the invoice as quickly as possible:

1. The remittance address for Now. We also encourage you to include Now’s ACH remittance advice.

2. A unique invoice number.

3. An invoice date that is not in the future.

4. Payment terms and/or due dates within net 5-90 days.

5. Correct “Bill To” info. The name and address on your invoice must match the name and address you submitted when you added the customer to your NowAccount.

6. Itemized list of the services and/or products you provided to your customer.

If any of these elements is incorrect or missing, processing times can be impacted.

My invoice has changed, but has already been purchased by Now. What happens next?

If your invoice amount has decreased, submit a credit memo to Now for the difference between the original and revised amounts. To submit the credit memo, sign in to the NowAccount portal, click on Invoices, then Submit Invoice. Complete the form, entering the amount as a negative number, and using the same invoice number as the original with a “CM” for “credit memo” added to the end.

If your invoice value has increased, submit a new invoice to Now for the additional amount due from the customer. For example, if your original invoice was for $10,000 and the updated invoice increased to $12,000, submit a new invoice for $2,000. Use the same invoice number as the original invoice, appending a “R” for “revised” to the end of the invoice number.

In both cases, make sure that you also submit the updated invoice to your customer.

Can I delete an invoice?

Yes, you can delete an invoice if invoice details have changed and the erroneous invoice is in processing at Now. Contact your Account Manager to remove the invoice. Now requires that you submit all customer invoices once you add that customer to your NowAccount. While you can’t pick and choose which of those customer’s invoices to process through your NowAccount, you do have the flexibility to choose Payment Administration (simple A/R management for a $5 fee) or Immediate Payment when you submit each invoice.

I need to submit a credit memo, how do I do that?

To submit a credit memo, sign in to the NowAccount portal, click on Invoices, then Submit Invoice. Complete the form, entering the amount as a negative number, and using the same invoice number as the original with a “CM” for “credit memo” appended to the end of the invoice number.

Why does my invoice say it’s disputed?

An invoice can be disputed for two reasons.

1. A customer can dispute payment is due, claiming that they did not received the products/services contracted for. Now relies on you to resolve these disputes directly with your customer. You’re required to notify us with the resolution of the dispute. When needed, submit a credit memo to Now through your NowAccount. Once signed into the portal, click on Invoices, then Submit Invoice. Complete the form, entering the amount as a negative number, and using the same invoice number as the original with a “CM” for “credit memo” added to the end of the invoice number.

2. An invoice will show as disputed when Now is notified that you received payment directly from the customer instead of the payment being sent to Now’s address or bank account.

In both cases, a temporary hold is placed on your NowAccount in the amount of the dispute. The hold is removed once the dispute is resolved.

What happens when Now can’t confirm an invoice?

When an invoice submitted as Immediate Payment cannot be confirmed, Now changes the processing type on that invoice to Payment Administration. Now charges $5 per invoice for Payment Administration and sends payment to you after the customer pays the invoice. There is no payment acceleration with this service.

How can I see a list of invoices I've processed through Now, and find out how much I’ve paid in fees to Now this year?

It’s easy to request a Purchase and Aging Report with details on the invoices that you’ve processed through Now. Once you are signed into your NowAccount, click Reports, then Purchase and Aging Report. Choose all invoices, all transactions, and specify your desired date range. To calculate total fees, download the spreadsheet report and calculate a sum on the “Fees” column.

How do I request credit for a customer. What if they already have credit assigned?

If you’re adding the customer to your NowAccount for the first time, sign in at, click Add Customer, and enter the name of the customer. If a customer is already in our database, the information we have will populate. If not, complete the basic information to set up a customer profile.  Once that profile is submitted, you will be prompted to request credit for that customer. We suggest requesting a credit amount equal to three months’ worth of billing to that customer. For example, if you’re billing the customer $10,000 per month, request $30,000.

When you need to request additional credit for a customer who already has credit assigned, submit a credit request for the incremental amount of credit needed. After signing in to your NowAccount, click Credit Requests, then click the blue New Credit Request button at the top of the page. Select the customer’s name and enter the additional amount of credit required.

We rely on you to manage how much credit you have available for each customer. Review your credit assignments periodically to make sure you have sufficient credit to cover your upcoming invoices.

I submitted my credit request, but it’s still pending. Why?

NowAccount outsources customer credit decisions to a third-party trade credit partner as a way to manage risk. Most credit decisions are either approved or denied same day, but there are extenuating circumstances that can cause our partner to take up to a few weeks to provide a credit decision, if our partner requires more information.

In some cases, our partner requests additional information to complete the credit request. Visit the NowAccount portal to see the Details associated with each credit decision. After you’re signed in, click Credit Request(s), then click on the blue Details button for more information.

My customer was declined, does that mean I can never get credit for this customer?

If you receive a credit decline email, sign in to the Now portal to see the Details associated with the credit declination. Sometimes, our trade credit partner will request additional information to re-evaluate the request, such as payment history, contracts or customer financial statements.

Declined customer can be re-evaluated six months after the original request was declined.

Can I remove a customer from my NowAccount?

Yes, you can remove customers who have no outstanding invoices pending payment at NowAccount. Keep in mind that a customer cannot be re-added to NowAccount until 12 months after they were removed.

Instead of removing customers, most Now clients choose to process that customer’s invoices as Payment Administration when Immediate Payment is not needed. This retains the customer on your NowAccount so that Immediate Payment remains an option for you when you need it.

Why do you confirm invoices with my customer?

One of the ways Now manages risk is to confirm invoices with the customer. This protects you, your customer and Now, and helps us keep your costs low. When confirming, we call “on behalf of your company.” Now Corp doesn’t interfere with your customer relationship.

Why is my customer on aging hold?

Now monitors outstanding payments and calculates “aging” (the number of days past the due date) on each invoice. Once an invoice ages 90 days past the due date, Now can no longer process Immediate Payment invoices for that customer until the outstanding balance due is paid. We can still process that customer’s invoices as Payment Administration, for a $5 fee per invoice.

You have a dedicated account manager at Now who will work with you closely to resolve aging holds.

How can I generate a Purchase & Aging report?

It’s easy to generate a Purchase and Aging report using the Now portal. Once you’re signed in at, click on Reports, then Purchase and Aging report. Use the drop-down boxes to select a certain customer, choose a specific date range, or to see all invoices—both paid and unpaid. The default settings will generate a report for all unpaid invoices for all customers. After the report is loaded, you can view it on your screen or download it as a csv spreadsheet. Now recommends generating this report once a week to make sure that nothing impacts your ability to get paid immediately on future invoices.

How do I know if my customer has paid their invoice?

There are two ways that you can see whether or not your customer has paid their invoice. The easiest way is to view your Invoice History. Sign in to your account, click Invoices, then Invoice History to see a list of invoices you have submitted to your NowAccount. Invoices with a $0 amount in the Customer Balance column have been paid by your customer. Click the Details button for more information about a particular invoice, including the date the customer’s payment was received.

A Purchase & Aging report also shows the customer payment status. To generate this report, sign in to your NowAccount, click on Reports, then Purchase and Aging report. Use the drop-down boxes to customize your search. View the report on your screen or download a spreadsheet.

What is an “Unapplied Collection”?

Unapplied Collections are payments Now has received from your customer that we are unable to match to a particular invoice, either because the customer included no remittance advice or the original invoice was never submitted.

Email notifications are sent to you every time there is an Unapplied Collection received on your behalf, so that you can provide the provide the information needed for Now to apply the customer payment to the correct invoice. To submit payment advice, sign in to your NowAccount, click on Unapplied Collections, and click the “Add Advice” button

I’m trying to get a bank line of credit and my banker says they can’t work with NowAccount. Do I need to close my account?

No, NOWaccount works perfectly alongside bank lines of credit. Businesses grow quickly when they start using NOWaccount, without adding liabilities to their balance sheet. With that type of sustainable growth comes all types of opportunities. Your business’ credit score will improve, and you’ll have more opportunities to add lines of credit and other capital tools.

As you add more payment tools, NOWaccount becomes an “and,” not an “or.” Use NOWaccount to grow, then use NOWaccount alongside your other financial tools to grow fearlessly and sustainably.

Video tutorials

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