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Georgia businesses that rely heavily on invoicing clients can avoid the hassles of traditional financing options such as loans, lines of credit and merchant cash advances.

Hundreds of businesses have turned to Atlanta-based Now® to fuel growth through accelerated invoice payments.

Start Growing Now

As business owners, our founders know what it’s like to be a Georgia entrepreneur.

As Georgia Tech alums, we’re loyal to the state and its residents. And as small business owners, we’ve dealt with the hassle of invoicing and waiting for payment from customers.

It’s not a secret that many businesses experience a cash flow crunch that can threaten their business. For small and medium business owners, this obstacle prevents growth and often leads to failure.

At Now, we know there are businesses out there that are ready to spread their wings and expand, but constraints, like working capital, tied up in invoices are stalling them.

With Now, these companies can grow fearlessly.

We encourage diversity in businesses, offering each and everyone access to the opportunities to expand. Capital, commerce, and customers are all part of Now‘s vision of a thriving economy in Georgia and beyond.

We don’t believe in “one-size-fits-all” financial solutions. As a fintech company, our clients can take advantage of several value propositions, from invoice factoring alternatives to cash flow management and other working capital solutions.

Atlanta Invoice Funding Options For Small to Medium Businesses

Don’t let finances hold you back.

Many businesses reach a point where they will need an injection of cash. The reasons can vary from payroll to working capital for taking on new business.

While it’s common to turn to loans, lines of credit and equity financing, a significant proportion of businesses seek out alternative financing options. Accounts receivable such as unpaid invoices are an asset that savvy business owners can leverage to their advantage.

Invoice Factoring

When you have unpaid invoices, they sit in your accounts receivable uselessly. You earned the money, but you can’t use it until the client pays.

Invoice factoring services give you the chance to sell those outstanding invoices to a third-party company. The company pays you the invoice amount minus a small factoring fee.

Invoice Acceleration

Invoice acceleration is a  financial service that is a close alternative to invoice factoring. As a small or medium business paid through invoicing, this should be your go-to funding source when you need working capital.

Now’s invoice acceleration program helps you get paid immediately on outstanding invoices. Since you’re not “borrowing” any money, you don’t have loans to pay back.

As a third-party company, we collect directly from the client, taking the stress out of your hands (and accounts receivable).

You’re getting paid now for goods or services already delivered. This option gives you the opportunity to attract more clients by offering longer payment terms while also satisfying your suppliers by paying your own bills on time.

Using Now as a working capital solution is a way to put money in your bank account before the invoice payment happens.

Invoice Financing

With invoice financing, you keep the invoices in your billing system.

A third-party invoice processing company pays you a portion of the amount due as a loan on services already rendered. When you collect the full amount from the client, you pay the borrowed amount, plus fees, back.

Georgia Industries We Serve

While the rest of the country was still struggling with the Great Recession, Atlanta’s small and medium business owners continued opening up shops and expanding. In the past decade, job growth rose instead of shrinking.

This was possible because of the advancement of major companies and industries coming to the city.


Approximately 4% of Atlanta’s workforce has a temporary job through a staffing agency. That is about twice the national average according Emsi, a labor market analytics firm. Finding the balance between sourcing new talent and paying on time week after week is a challenge faced by staffing firms. Partnering with a receivables funding firm like Now, is often a great long-term solution.

Freight Trucking

Atlanta is one of only five cities in the United States with three major interstate highways crossing it. This makes it easy for truckers to leave their base and get to their destination quickly.


With two major railroad lines and a port connected to Atlanta, the infrastructure supports easy loading and unloading of freight. The demand is increasing at such a pace that continual improvement is also necessary.


Hundreds of thousands of freight trucks, ships, flights, and an endless line of packages come through Atlanta daily. The logistics behind handling all these details are complex. It makes sense, then, that the city is a haven for companies that focus on advancing shipping and logistics. As the demand for next-day and two-day access to orders becomes an expectation, businesses have to keep up.


Atlanta is now the nation’s leader in the fintech industry. With the nickname “Transaction Alley” firmly earned, the city has supplanted previous fintech leaders like Silicon Valley, London, and New York City. The fintech industry in Atlanta covers everything from cryptocurrency and real estate to invoice financing.

Professional Services

Atlanta is a hub for third-party suppliers, connecting businesses to other companies and government vendors. These major corporations and offices expect to be invoiced, and only contract with those willing to comply. Now is frequently used by owners of professional services businesses in management consulting, accounting, engineering, technical services, and more.

The real power behind local big industries is in Georgia’s small businesses.

We know the struggle of working with these major companies as small businesses.

We don’t want your cash flow to be the result of these large companies taking advantage of your company and delaying the invoice payments.

Your business’s momentum shouldn’t have to wait for the slow mechanisms of a government or major corporation. Let Now help you close the gap between your invoices and your accounts receivable.

Whiteboard with steps drawn on it and arrows pointing upwardUsing Now Invoice Factoring Alternative to Expand Your Georgia-Based Business

Now is here to support and help those small to medium businesses that see these effects on a monthly (or even daily) basis. We are a fintech company that can help you clear up your cash flow.

We offer financial alternatives that keep you from going the traditional bank loan route. While a traditional loan has its benefits, it doesn’t work if you need immediate cash or don’t want to deal with monthly payment terms.

We offer non-recourse accounts receivable financing, letting you get paid on your outstanding invoices instead of waiting on the client.

Why Choose Now

If you’re considering this financial solution for your working capital needs, you want to work with the best factoring alternative company you can.

Now is an alternative that has lots of advantages over traditional invoice factoring companies:

  • We’ll give you a free quote before you decide to sell an invoice
  • No credit checks on you are necessary; we use your customer’s creditworthiness to decide whether to buy an invoice or not
  • No personal guarantees.
  • Our offering is non-recourse, meaning if your customer doesn’t pay, we absorb the loss.
  • Our approval process is fast and simple
  • There are no hidden fees. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible with our clients.
  • You don’t have to submit invoices from all your customers as you might with traditional invoice factoring. With Now, you can pick and choose which customers you add to your NowAccount for invoice acceleration
  • We’re Georgia Tech alums, and we want your Georgia-based business to succeed!


Still on the fence as to whether to use Now for your invoice financing solution?

Learn what businesses that have worked with us have to say.

Clients Testimonials

Georgia-based companies had this to say about their experience with Now:

“NowAccount helped us grow from $1.5 million to $18 million in two years.”

Knowledge Architects LLC, Atlanta, GA

“When we found out about NowAccount, we were like, this is it. This is a home run.”

The Jon Smith Group, LLC, Atlanta, GA

“I was able to get the funding I needed to cover that particular job with the federal government.”

EBS-4U, Inc., Roswell, GA

“You can sustain your business without worrying about when your customer is going to pay.”

Jubi, Inc., Alpharetta, GA

“I said ‘I can offer you 60 to 90 day payment terms’ … that landed me the contract with the SuperBowl.”

Ultimate Model Management, Atlanta, GA

Did you know small business owners make up more than 1.1 million businesses in Georgia, for a total of 99.6% of the entire state’s business industry?

And, that Atlanta ranks in the top five of the best cities for Black-owned businesses to thrive?

If you are a business who sells to other businesses and are experiencing the pain of invoicing with net 30, 60, 90 day terms, you are a good fit.

Create your account here. It’s free to apply, takes less than 15 minutes, you have no obligation to work with us.

We’re cheering you on from a distance, and when you need working capital, Now is here to help support your dreams in person, too.

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