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A Better Alternative Financing Solution

for Your Business 

Thousands of small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S. have used NowAccount to increase their operating capital. Create growth without debt.

Businesses who sell to other businesses and invoice with net terms are encouraged to apply

#1 Alternative to Factoring: NowAccount

All businesses experience a cash flow crunch where they need more cash than they have on hand. To continue with operations and increase cash flow, businesses consider traditional financing options like bank loans, lines of credit or invoice factoring; but, how do you know which finance solution is best for your business and for sustainable growth? What are the risks associated with traditional financing and invoice factoring? 

Is there a better alternative financing solution that will increase cash flow without increasing liabilities? NowAccount is an accelerated invoice payment solution that allows you to turn accounts receivables to cash quickly. By uploading your invoices into the NowAccount portal, you convert your A/R into cash and eliminate the need for other stressful collections tactics, like negotiating new payment terms or offering early payment discounts. NowAccount only charges a flat service fee, similar to a credit card, so you don’t incur hefty interest fees from traditional financing or variable and hidden fees from invoice factoring. 

Without a doubt, waiting on unpaid invoices can put you in a cash flow crunch and truly hurt your business. With NowAccount, you can unlock the revenue in your accounts receivable quickly and eliminate the need to take on debt to increase your cash reserves.

NowAccount: An Alternative Financing Solution

NowAccount’s alternative business financing solution is designed for continuous and sustainable growth — without the risks associated with loans or factoring. NowAccount is a better solution to traditional financing and invoice factoring solutions for your business. 

FIXED RATES NowAccount is unlike traditional invoice factoring. Now charges a one-time, flat service fee, so you won’t get hit with any surprise interest rates or scary rate escalations; instead, you can enjoy knowing exactly what the transaction fee will be to plan accordingly.

NON-RECOURSE & NO HOLDBACKS Now also pays you the value of the invoice up front, minus a flat fee, and offers non-recourse financing without an additional charge, so you won’t have any revenue held back until your customer pays, and you’re not responsible for non-payment if they fail to do so. 

NO ADDED LIABILITIES NowAccount also offers better terms than traditional financing. You won’t have to mark a liability on your balance sheet like traditional financing because you aren’t taking on debt or paying interest. You simply get paid faster, which you book as revenue, and pay a flat fee, which you book as a business expense. Your balance sheet remains strong, and in some instances, gets stronger, so if you need to apply for a loan in the future, you’re more desirable to your lender.

USE ALONGSIDE BANK LOANS You can also use NowAccount alongside your bank loans should you use them to expand your business. Choosing to use NowAccount as a financing solution feels just like accepting a credit card from your customer. You get paid quickly with the added bonus of still extending credit to your customers. You know exactly what fee you’ll be charged, and you have the peace of mind in guaranteeing payment. 

The Distinctive Advantage: Guaranteed Payment

One of the best advantages to using NowAccount as a business loan alternative is that NowAccount account offers non-recourse funding. At Now, we recognize that invoices are rarely paid within the terms stated on the invoice, and sometimes those late payments turn into non-payments, which is a hard loss for a growing business. If the customer doesn’t pay, through no fault of your own, Now will absorb the loss. We guarantee your payments without an additional charge – it’s an added protection for your business.

We are able to do this because we vet your customers on the front end of your application, and we encourage you to also reach to your customers with past due payments to check on status. When an invoice becomes 90 days past due, and we’ve exhausted all methods of collection, Now will no longer process new invoices for that customer, but we will absorb the loss if they don’t pay. You don’t incur a loss, and you’ve already received your revenue months prior. No risk. No stress. Just revenue on your books.

Your Business Loan Alternative: NOWaccount

Think outside the loan, use NowAccount. NowAccount can turn unpaid invoices into working capital now. Save time, money, and grow your business fearlessly. 

Get started today to see how we can help your business.

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