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Working Capital Management

NowAccount® is a payment solution
that enables you to turn future revenue into working capital now.

Turn Future Revenue into Working Capital with NowAccount

You want to collect payments quickly while your customers want longer payment terms. With NowAccount, you can do both without risky loans or factoring. Sell more, win larger contracts, and have an advantage over your competition with NowAccount.

  • Have more working capital to get the resources you need to deliver
  • Offer customers flexible payment terms 
  • Make payroll and pay your vendors faster 
  • Reduce time spent on collections 

Turn invoices into working capital. 

Do You Need More Working Capital?

It’s no surprise that working capital is key to any successful, growing business. Working capital affects many aspects of your business — from delivering goods to customers, paying vendors and employees, to keeping the lights on at your brick and mortar store. Working capital is not only essential for meeting your short-term obligations, but planning for sustainable long-term growth and plays a key factor in your ability to consistently meet and exceed the growth milestones set forth for your business.

NowAccount is designed to make sure you have the working capital you need to grow your business. 

Assessing your Working Capital Needs

Waiting to get paid by most of your clients? This can cause your working capital to dip too low, and you’ll risk running out of cash. Even profitable businesses can run into trouble if they lose their ability to meet their short term obligations. Without working capital, you run the risk of closing up shop permanently.

Managing Working Capital

Are you sending invoices with Net30, 60 or 90+ day terms?

Unless a customer pays you immediately or with a credit card, you’re tying up your own capital in accounts receivable. That’s like lending your money to your customer — for free.

With NowAccount, you can give your customers the flexible payment terms they want while still getting paid immediately and increasing your operating working capital. 

Is NowAccount Right for My Business?

Businesses based in the United States who sell to other businesses or governments globally can use NowAccount to increase their operating capital. If your customers rely on flexible payments and take more than 5 days to pay, we can help you grow.

Increase your Business’s Working Capital without Loans or Factoring

Unlike alternative financing solutions like loans and factoring that take a big percentage of cash out of your pocket, Now charges a one-time, small fee based on each invoice. Your cost savings alone covers our low, flat fee. There are other downsides to factoring and loans that can hinder business growth. In fact, both alternative financing options will impact your balance sheet by increasing your liabilities. With NowAccount, you’ll increase your working capital with no liability change, no personal guarantee, and no debt. 



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