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NowAccount® is an accelerated invoice payment solution.

Businesses who sell to other businesses/governments and send invoices with net terms are encouraged to apply.

How does NowAccount work?


First, your company delivers the goods/services to your client. Then you submit the invoice for acceleration to NowAccount, which is processed, confirmed & approved. Upon approval, Now pays your business 100% of your invoice amount, less the service fee (3-5% of invoice amount). Your client pays Now after 30 to 90 days.

What If My Customer Doesn’t Pay?

Now takes on the risk of non-payment by verifying the invoice and the creditworthiness of your customers throughout the onboarding process.

Now offers non-recourse funding, which protects you against loss if your customer fails to pay.  No personal guarantee required. 

NowAccount & Quickbooks

We’ve designed NowAccount to fit seamlessly with your existing accounting processes and systems. NowAccount integrates with QuickBooks Online so you can upload your invoices and add your customers quickly and easily. 

Benefits of Integrating QuickBooks Online

Seamless Integration

Connecting NowAccount to QuickBooks Online is easy.

Fast & Easy

Connecting NowAccount with QuickBooks Online is the fastest way to get paid.

Automatic Invoice Review

Invoice review starts automatically within minutes of the invoice being saved in QuickBooks Online.

End Manual Journal Entries

Integrating QuickBooks Online removes the need for manual journal entries.

Sell to large customers using NowAccount

Is your business selling to large customers? If so, you’re probably experiencing a common challenge many businesses face: you want to collect payments quickly to keep operations moving and fulfill more orders while your customers want longer payment terms. With an invoice acceleration solution like NowAccount, you can extend credit to customers and collect on your payments immediately.  Sell more, win large contracts, and have an advantage over your competition with Now. 

Ready to get paid Now?

Businesses who sell to other businesses/governments and send invoices with net terms are encouraged to apply.

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