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NOWaccount® is a B2B Payment Processing Solution

Get your revenue in 5 days even when your customer takes longer to pay.

Close that gap in cash flow with NOWaccount®!

Businesses who qualify have a qualifying business credit score and issue B2B/B2G invoices with terms (issued by incorporated, LLC and S-Corp companies).


The NOWaccount B2B payment processing system is an easy and effective way to get paid faster. Traditionally, you send your customer an invoice and wait 30, 60, or even 90 days to get paid. However, with NOWaccount’s B2B payment processing, you can end the waiting game and get paid in less than 5 days. This can not only eliminate worries around paying vendors and employees on time, but it will also allow you to offer credit to customers and help you win bids by offering extended terms your competitors simply cannot.

How NOWaccount Works

What If My Customer Doesn’t Pay?

Along with being a highly effective B2B payment processing solution, NOW offers non-recourse funding which protects you against loss if your customer fails to pay through no fault of your own. By verifying the invoice and the creditworthiness of your customers throughout the NOW process, we agree to take on the risk of non-payment, which frees you up to focus on business operations. No risk. No worries. Just revenue NOW.

NOWaccount & Quickbooks

We’ve designed NOWaccount to fit seamlessly with your existing accounting processes and systems. In fact, NOW integrates with QuickBooks Online so you can set up your NOWaccount quickly and easily. Once connected to Quickbooks, our B2B payment platform automatically begins processing invoices for selected customers. Then, journal entries associated with the processing and payment of submitted invoices are automatically posted. This seamless integration to QuickBooks Online is helpful in many ways.

Benefits of Integrating QuickBooks Online

Seamless Integration

Connecting NOWaccount to QuickBooks Online is easy.

Fast & Easy

Connecting NOWaccount with QuickBooks Online is the fastest way to get paid.

Automatic Invoicing

Invoice processing starts automatically within minutes of the invoice being saved in QuickBooks Online.

End Manual Journal Entries

Integrating QuickBooks Online with our payment processing solution removes the need for manual journal entries.

Extending Credit to Customers 

Let’s face it: B2B payment processing can be tricky. You want to collect payments quickly to keep operations moving and fulfill more orders while your customers want longer payment terms. How do you compromise? What takes priority? 

With NOWaccount’s B2B payment platform, you can increase your cash flow, extend credit to customers and collect on your payments immediately. Also, if your vendors use NOWaccount, they can extend the same benefit to you! Offering credit is often a win-win for both merchants and buyers. Customers have more purchasing power, and tend to buy more if they are not limited to cash they have at the time of the sale. 

Give your customers the longer terms they desire while getting paid QUICKER with NOWaccount. It’s all possible with our payment processing solutions.

Financial Benefits

Improve your company’s cash flow and credit score with NOWaccount’s B2B payment solutions. While you may be fine waiting 30, 60, 90 days to receive payment from your customers, NOWaccount ensures you don’t have to tie up your own capital in the meantime, making your business and your balance sheet stronger. Plus, you won’t have to worry about chasing down customers and collecting payments. Get back to focusing on what’s most important — growing your business.

Listen to a NOW Success Story about Increasing Cash Flow


Requirements: Businesses who qualify must generate $100,000/month in revenue, have a qualifying business credit score, and issue B2B/B2G invoices with terms (issued by incorporated, LLC and S-Corp companies).

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