How to Get Faster, Easier Invoice Payments Now!

Quickly Free Up Working Capital for Your Small Business with a Better, Safer Alternative than Invoice Factoring Loans.

Small and medium-sized businesses like yours need ready working capital and fast access to reliable cash flow to compete in today’s rapidly-changing business environment. You need money to keep your business operations running smoothly, purchase inventory and supplies, pay employees, and keep vendors happy.

You also want to raise the necessary working capital for your business without putting its valuable assets on the line, nor do you want to risk your own financial picture by taking on burdensome personal guarantees that drag you into further pressure and worry. Now, we’ll show you why lowering financial risks for your business and yourself while making sure there is more than enough cash flow on hand for operating is simpler, easier, and faster than ever.

Business May Be Good, But Is Your Cash Flow Liquid Enough?

One of the biggest problems you may face is having plenty of ongoing business activity while being light on operating capital because a large portion of your account receivables is sitting in the form of thousands of dollars of client invoices waiting for payment. That waiting period could be weeks or even months.

While you wait patiently for that untapped revenue, vendor and utility bills are coming due, employees need to be paid, and overhead expenses continue to pile up right along with pressure and stress to find relief.

The best way to get financial breathing room for your business and lower stress levels for yourself is to have plenty of cash flow on hand to cover all operations and expenses as they arise. One proven way to do that is by converting non-liquid receivables revenue into its usable cash equivalent.

Some Popular Options to Raise Working Capital for Your Business

Bank loans and Business Lines of Credit have long been used as means to get financing for medium and small businesses. Unfortunately, there are many challenges and hurdles to overcome that can make standard funding scenarios too inflexible for modern entrepreneurs like you who require better alternatives that allow you to maintain entrepreneurial freedom and flexibility.

Drawbacks to standard methods of raising capital can leave you feeling taken advantage of by any one of a large number of predatory online lenders and leave you a victim to opaque and hard-to-read financing contracts with hidden fees and high-interest payments.

Choosing the wrong business funding source can even hurt your brand reputation when inconsiderate and impatient funding providers place themselves as a loud, demanding obstacle between you and your clients. The last thing you need is to compound current cash flow concerns with even more problems by choosing business financing options that work against your best interest while complicating your life.

Alternative Business Finance Solutions for Small & Medium-sized Businesses

For many business entrepreneurs, there are simply too many strict requirements and details out of the business person’s control to make taking a standard business fundraising route difficult or even out of the question. Not every business fits typical financial industry profiles, and many operators don’t have months to wait on loan approval while daily pressures are unfolding in real time.

When businesses find themselves in a cash flow crunch in the short term, there is no financial sense in being locked into long-term contracts, dealing with fat interest rates, and having every aspect of your business scrutinized. Yet, even small industry loans can have long lead times. For those reasons, smart entrepreneurs look for alternative business financing methods like Invoice Factoring as a flexible way to raise capital and loosen cash flow.

Invoice Factoring – What It Is, Advantages & Disadvantages

Factoring Invoices is the practice where an invoice factoring company will buy the face value of your invoice at a discount. Unfortunately, that usually means that you’ll only get up to 85% of what you ask for to cover your expenses, payroll, inventory, and other needs.

The rest of what of the money you want – minus fees of up to 5% – comes only after your invoiced client finally pays off the bill, which can take upwards of 90 days in some cases.

Your fee can vary towards the higher end depending on your sales revenue, the trustworthiness of your invoiced clients, and whether they insist on holding your company liable for any unpaid invoices, a practice called Recourse Invoice Financing. The weaker your business position, the more at risk you are for getting saddled with higher fees and stringent liability requirements.

Most likely, if you have a choice, you’ll be more interested in avoiding that kind of liability and getting a flexible, inexpensive, totally transparent business finance option that helps you close working capital shortfalls for good without getting into debt or putting yourself at risk for even more stress. If you have valuable invoices from customers you trust and who pay on time, you can put that to your advantage. In that case, Accelerated Invoice Payments by NowCorp is your best option.

Accelerated Invoice Payments Are Better than Invoice Factoring

NowAccount is a premier business finance solution created by entrepreneurs who know what it is like to be under cash flow pressure while waiting for invoices to be paid by customers. NowAccount is the better alternative business finance solution to Invoice Factoring because it’s easier, faster, and less risky than standard collateralized business loans and less expensive than high-interest cash advances that can ultimately turn out to be just another stressful financial burden.

With Accelerated Invoice Payments, there are no holdback penalties like you see in invoice factoring. Instead, you get 100% of the value of your business invoice minus a small flat fee with no requirements on additional invoices – you choose the invoices you want to convert into working capital for growth, inventory, logistics, staffing, payroll, and more.

NowAccount offers flexibility with 30, 60, and 90-day payment periods and maintains complete transparency. Unlike ‘recourse’ loans that hold your business directly accountable if your clients don’t pay the invoice, NowAccount relieves you of worry by taking on 100% of the responsibility so that you don’t have to think about it. If the client does not pay, we will not hold you financially liable. You can increase your business cash flow without creating more liability.

Imagine not having to go bowing and scraping to a bank manager who combs through your personal life and judges you head to toe for the privilege of you paying years of interest as though it were a utility. Instead, think about how convenient it would be to convert valuable invoices you already have into liquid cash flow that you can use now to operate your business without worry.

The Simple Four-Step Process to Raise Working Capital using Now Accelerated Invoice Payments

  1. Deliver goods or services to your customer and invoice them.
  2. Choose to Accelerate Invoice Payments with Your NowAccount
  3. Get Paid within 1 Day
  4. Rest Easy while NowAccount manages the invoice and does the waiting for you.

NowAccount takes away the hurdles and lays out a red carpet welcoming you to the safe, easy, fast business funding alternative that is the trusted, and transparent, way to raise working capital for small and medium-sized businesses without getting weighed down by more debt. Step out of the cash flow crunch with NowAccount and into a faster, better business funding solution with fewer worries for your business and less stress for yourself.

Ready To Begin Your Now Journey?

We’re excited to work with you to grow your business, get started by prequalifying, or reach out and book a time with our sales team if you still have questions!

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