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City skyline seen across a pond

8 Common Vendor Insurance Requirements

  Carrying insurance as a vendor is a method of asset protection that we hope…

Two hands holding one gray puzzle piece on a yellow background

What Vendors Need to Know About Product Liability Insurance

  Insurance policies are designed to protect you from dealing with the financial burdens of…

Sixteen cans of soda, shown from above so you can mostly only see the silver tops

Top 5 Coca Cola Logistics Basics for Vendors

  Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) is renowned for its excellence and innovation in business logistics. However,…

Woman in warehouse holding clipboard looking at cardboard boxes on shelves

Top 11 Georgia Supplier Diversity Programs

  You don’t have to do much digging to learn that minority small businesses face…

Woman standing in boardroom

How to Get Certified as a DBE/Minority/Female Owned Business in Georgia

  Minority- and female-owned businesses have seen growth in their support systems, but many still…

Business man and business woman shaking hands

5 Things To Do Before Bringing in Outside Investors

When you started your business, you probably did so with the intent of being the…

Black woman smiling with arms crossed

9 Grants for Black Women Entrepreneurs

  As difficult as it is to get ahead in the world as a woman…

small business services solutions 1

Simple Small Business Solutions You Actually Need

  The sheer volume of products, tools, and devices that are marketed toward small businesses…

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