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Hands counting cash on a table with papers, a laptop, and a calculator

Business Cash Flow Planning: Beginner to Intermediate Guide

  As a business owner, you should always do your best to stay one step…

Bird's-eye shot of three people working on computers on a table

How Supplier Development Programs Strengthen Your Supply Base

  When you provide a product to your customers or buy materials from another business,…

Young woman smiling and sitting on a windowsill, looking at her credit card and holding a smartphone in her other hand

Business Credit Reports: How Your Experian, Equifax, and D&B Scores Are Used

You know the importance of staying on top of your personal credit score. You’re constantly…

Classic-style alarm clock with coins stacked next to it

What Is Spot Factoring? You May Know it As Single Invoice Factoring

  The world of business finance is constantly expanding. Just when you think you’ve heard…

African-American woman smiling in office

5 Minority-Owned Business Benefits (+ How to Get Certified)

  Being a minority small business owner comes with many unique benefits. These include contract…

Messy warehouse with cardboard boxes stacked up in piles

Why You Shouldn’t Keep Too Much Inventory On Hand

  Many small business owners struggle with inventory control. Running low on inventory is obviously…

Woman throwing hands up in frustration

Are Grants Always Better than Loans?

  Once we leave the world of high school and college behind, we usually forget…

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