Is Your State Offering Back to Business Grants?


As the number of COVID cases lower, many small businesses want to return to pre-pandemic production levels, but they need a little help.

The CARES Act helped these businesses stay open with federal grants, but most of those grants have expired or run out.

This article lists all known “back to business” state grant programs and any other resources that can help close the funding gap when there is none.

1. Alabama

When COVID started to create a problem for Alabama’s economy, the state used the funding they received from the federal government to create the Revive and the Revive Plus programs to help keep small businesses open.

Sadly, these programs ended in December 2020.

If you want to find a small business grant in Alabama, this site can help you.

2. Alaska

Alaska had a few different programs to help small businesses stay afloat during the pandemic.

The AK-ARPA Business Relief Program ended in October 2021. The ARPA Nonprofit Recovery Fund ended in November 2021.

Alaska also had the AK CARES Grant Program, which is also closed.

To stay abreast of any new grant opportunities in Alaska, periodically check the Alaska Federal Funding website. New grants pop up all the time, and you might be eligible to receive one.

3. Arizona

In Arizona, small business owners had a difficult time retaining staff. The state decided that the best grant program would be one that helped to combat low retention.

That sparked the Back to Work Small Business Hiring and Retention Program, which helped immensely but is now closed.

If you missed this program, you can still check with the Arizona Commerce Authority for any pandemic business relief resources you can still tap into.

4. Arkansas

The Ready for Business Grant in Arkansas closed in early 2021, but the state still offers resources for community businesses.

The Arkansas Economic Development Commission has an entire page on their website with useful information for small businesses, including grant and loan opportunities.

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5. California

The California Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant Program was a success but is now closed due to the awarding of all the federal funding they had to dispense.

Still, the California state government remains committed to complete economic recovery.

They are doing their best to offer incentives and grant funding to hard-working entrepreneurs. Check their current list of opportunities here.

6. Colorado

Like many other states, Colorado, started a Small Business Relief Program to combat the economic impact felt by the small business owners.

This program is now closed, but the state still offers businesses loans through their CLIMBER Fund. This program runs until 2023.

Although recipients must pay this money back, these loans provide struggling businesses with much-needed capital at below-market interest rates.

This state also has its Colorado Community Revitalization Grant program, which provides grant money and technical assistance to those who need it. The application process for this grant is still rolling.

Check with Colorado’s Office of Economic Development & International Trade for more information on recovery programs, tax credits, and other resources.

7. Connecticut

Connecticut still has some open business relief programs. The list of current programs and assistance can be found here.

CT Innovations and CT Next are working together to provide grants and funding to further business growth in the state. Find the grant programs here.

8. Delaware

The Delaware Relief Grants distribution ended in December of last year.

Delaware also offers funding through its EDGE Grants program, which has awarded several businesses money over the past few years.

9. Florida

Florida no longer has any COVID-19 relief programs for businesses, but they do what they can to provide their small businesses with information.

This website can direct you to the SBA, Small Business Development Centers throughout the state, and other organizations offering financial and technical assistance.

10. Georgia

Georgia no longer offers economic relief funding.

It does offer small business financing programs, though, which you can learn more about here.

Georgia also offers several grants and loan programs for minority-owned businesses, which you can learn about in this article: How to Get Certified as a DBE/Minority/Female Owned Business in Georgia.

Now helps Georgia-based companies grow their businesses, too. Our invoice factoring alternative can help you get paid faster so you have more working capital.

11. Hawaii

Hawaii’s Small Business Relief and Recovery Fund is closed.

However, this state maintains a community-based economic development initiative, which hosts loan programs to help small businesses acquire financing.

In the words of Hawaii’s Business Development and Support Division, the goal of this program is to “integrate viable economic projects to promote a community’s vision for its future health and quality of life.”

12. Idaho

Idaho had a pandemic program for small businesses called Idaho Rebounds. This program lasted until May of 2020.

If you are a small business in Idaho searching for help, this website may be your answer.

13. Illinois

Illinois had a program to help businesses in disproportionately impacted areas (DIAs) stay operational.

The state’s Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) distributed the funds throughout various DIAs. This application deadline is now passed.

14. Indiana

The Indiana Small Business Restart Fund ended back in January of 2021.

Visit the COVID-19 Updates & Resources website for information on resources still available.

15. Iowa

Orange binder with a label that says "Applications" and yellow binder with a label that says "Grants"

Iowa ran multiple small business funding programs throughout the pandemic. You can find a list of them here, but they are all now closed.

Visit the Iowa Small Business Development Center website for more financial resources.

16. Kansas

Kansas may no longer have a COVID-19 grant for small businesses, but they do their best to provide financial aid to improve the state’s economy.

Their website helps businesses find funding through federal tax incentives, investors, tax credits, and much more.

17. Kentucky

Kentucky’s Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant is now closed.

Kentucky wants to help the entrepreneurs in their state succeed, so the state’s Cabinet for Economic Development maintains a list of funding resources on their website.

18. Louisiana

Louisiana is no stranger to disasters. The state government did what they could to disperse the money they set aside for a business interruption grant, but sadly, all of that money has been handed out.

You can still see if you meet the eligibility requirements of other funding resources here.

19. Maine

Although Maine’s first round of economic recovery grants closed in November of 2021, this state saved some of its CARES funding for a second round of assistance.

Those who did not qualify for the first round can apply for the New Business Recovery grants being awarded in 2022 and 2023.

Contact Maine’s Department of Economic and Community Development for more information.

20. Maryland

The Maryland Small Business COVID-19 Emergency Relief Grant Fund is now closed.

Check this site for any funding or incentives available for small businesses in Maryland.

21. Massachusetts

This state has several loans, grants, and capital funding programs, but they are unrelated to the pandemic.

Check here to see if any apply to your business.

22. Michigan

Good news! The Growing MI Business Grant Program is open until March 31st, 2022.

Their Revitalization and Placemaking (RAP) Program is still open, too.

Anything beyond that, and you’ll have to check the state’s COVID-19 resource page for updates.

23. Minnesota

Minnesota’s Main Street COVID Relief Grants closed in September 2021.

Any resources available for small businesses will be listed on the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce website.

24. Mississippi

The Back to Business Mississippi Grant Program is closed.

Nevertheless, Mississippi wants to do all it can to help small businesses succeed. They also help minority businesses with special opportunities like the ones listed here.

25. Missouri

The Missouri Department of Economic Development oversaw the disbursement of the CARES Act funding received from the federal government.

They dispersed it so well that there is none left. They do, however, still provide some programs for businesses to take advantage of, and they list those programs here for all to see.

26. Montana

This state’s Coronavirus Relief Fund is already closed.

They listed all grant programs, eligibility guidelines, and the deadlines for each program here.

27. Nebraska

Nebraska had multiple programs that are now all closed.

For loan and grant assistance, visit this site.

28. Nevada

There’s no doubt that Nevada lost a lot of revenue in the past couple of years. This state relies heavily on tourism, and without the ability to open their various casinos and hotels, they are in trouble.

They have a list of economic opportunities for small businesses, including grants, loans, and incentives here.

29. New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Main Street Relief Fund closed in 2020. Although there are no other B2B grant programs in the state, the governor has a list of useful sites and information to look through.

30. New Jersey

New Jersey’s Small Business Improvement Grant is accepting applications. This grant gives small businesses half of the funding needed to make specific improvements to their business.

These improvements can include developmental projects, asset purchases, and upgrades. Read this for rules and eligibility guidelines.

31. New Mexico

The original Business Recovery Grant is now closed, but there is still hope for struggling businesses.

New Mexico has made available a Small Business Recovery Loan Fund that provides low-rate loans to qualifying small businesses.

The deadline to apply is December 31, 2022. See the details here.

32. New York

The New York State COVID-19 Pandemic Small Business Recovery Grant Program closed in July 2021.

If there are any other programs to help small businesses make ends meet, they will be listed here.

33. North Carolina

North Carolina’s Business Recovery Grant closed on January 31, 2022. However, a second phase of the program is expected to come soon. More details on that here.

34. North Dakota

The Economic Resiliency Grant is closed, but the North Dakota Department of Commerce is still trying to do what it can to offset the pandemic through various outreach programs.

Read what they have to offer here.

35. Ohio

Woman with a happy expression on her face, sitting at a desk and reading a letter

Unfortunately, Ohio’s Small Business Relief Grant has been closed for some time.

For business help, visit the state’s website.

36. Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Business Relief Program has also been closed for a while.

The state offers assistance in various ways through the Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce.

37. Oregon

While the Back 2 Business grant program is no longer active, any funding opportunities backed by the state will be listed here.

38. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has an extensive list of funding programs for small businesses. You’ll find funding for most types of businesses in this list.

39. Rhode Island

Although the Back to Business Grant Program in Rhode Island is closed, this state wants to help businesses save money on their tax returns.

Read all about tax incentives and tax credits in Rhode Island here.

40. South Carolina

Back to Business funding is no longer available in this state, but you can find the resources to help with funding here.

41. South Dakota

The COVID-19 Small Business and Healthcare Grants Program was open for application until May of 2021.

Grants in South Dakota for profit focused businesses are difficult to find. Women-owned businesses have the opportunity to apply for Amber Grants.

42. Tennessee

Unfortunately, all state funding for any COVID-related grant has expired in Tennessee, and their website simply directs you to federal programs for additional resources.

43. Texas

This state has issued an order allowing all businesses to return to 100% capacity. They hope increased clientele will help all small businesses get back on their feet.

If for some reason you still need assistance, you may find what you are looking for on the state’s coronavirus resource page.

44. Utah

Utah is doing its best to help small businesses with tax credits, which is the extent of its economic relief offerings at this time.

45. Vermont

The Vermont Emergency Economic Recovery Grant Program is now closed.

However, Vermont has several agencies that assist small businesses. Check the list of available resources here.

Now’s accelerated invoice payment program is another resource that can help small businesses get back on their feet. Learn more here.

46. Virginia

The Virginia Tourism Corporation has a list of post-pandemic economic opportunities listed on its website.

47. Washington

Unfortunately, the original Working Washington Small Business Grant program has closed. However, they will have a fifth round of funding available soon.

Check here for updated information.

48. West Virginia

The West Virginia CARES Act Small Business Grant Program is now closed.

The WV business assistance page may contain information about other programs that fit your needs.

49. Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Tomorrow Small Business Recovery Grant is closed, but the Main Street Bounceback Grants are still open for applications.

This may not be available for long, so fill out your grant application as soon as possible. There is no online application portal. You must speak to an agent to register.

50. Wyoming

The COVID-19 Business Relief Program for this state is closed. Further assistance can be found here.

Resources for Businesses in Any State

There are several resources available to small businesses, no matter where they are located. should be your first visit. This website contains an enormous database of grants available in the United States.

Next, speak to a representative from the U.S. Small Business Association. SBA loans are the most affordable lending options out there for small businesses.

This association is also responsible for the disbursement of the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant and the Restaurant Revitalization Fund.

Each state has several Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs). They go above and beyond the call of duty to help small businesses find resources.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is also a great place to look for grant opportunities and other forms of funding.

Gusto has a whole list of COVID relief resources, and the SOAR Fund is designed to help businesses in southern states find capital.

As you can see, the possibility of getting aid from your state’s “back to business program” is pretty slim since most of the funds have already been handed out.

However, plenty of resources are available to help your business get back on its feet!

Also: Now’s accelerated payment solution can help you get paid for your invoices much faster. See if you qualify here!

*This article is for educational purposes only. NOW currently doesn’t offer grants.