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Support for Businesses Impacted by the COVID-19 Virus

NOW Corp is committed to the success of medium and small businesses especially given the challenging circumstances that we’re all experiencing due to the COVID-19 virus. Our top priority is protecting the safety and health of our employees, families and our clients as we ensure continuity of our business operations throughout this and future emergency situations.

Liquidity is the key to surviving and thriving through the next few months. There are already reports of financial institutions pulling back on their financing to businesses, constricting the availability of traditional sources of capital. NOW Corp is ready to handle your increased needs if your other financial tools are unable to.

NOW Corp has taken steps to assure our clients with ongoing, timely service with no interruptions.

Procedures have been implemented to ensure that our team is operating in a safe environment so we can confidently serve clients.

The impact the virus is having on companies is varied: some are experiencing opportunities, some challenges. Either way, we’re here and committed to supporting our clients. Reach out to us if you anticipate needing to raise your limits for any large commercial or government customers so that you can deliver faster. Experiencing less demand or slowing payments? You can always improve your liquidity by adding customers to your NOWaccount and getting paid within 3-5 days on your invoices.

In this time of great uncertainty, our goal is for NOWaccount to be your source of certainty. In addition to the certainty of payment that we give our clients every day, we will also be sharing insights and information that can help guide your decision making, such as how various industries and markets are faring and where we are seeing more risk.

Above all, we hope that you, your families, and your employees are safe and healthy. Together, we will not only get through these unchartered waters, but we will thrive.

Lara O’Connor Hodgson

President & CEO, NOW Corp


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