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Welcome to NOW Corp®

We can’t wait to show how our B2B payment solution, NOWaccount®, has helped businesses like yours accelerate payments, increase cash flow and mitigate risk.

Our Partnership with Kind Capital Resources

NOW and KCR work hard to help businesses thrive. KCR is dedicated to providing investment advice, capital funding, and business solutions to closely held businesses, with a focus on the minority and women business enterprises market. With our partnership with KCR, we provide a cash flow solution that allows minority suppliers to accept larger orders and sign larger contracts without the stress of extended payment terms. Together, we are working to level the playing field and fuel our local businesses and economies. 

Kind Capital Resources

Our flagship product, NOWaccount, allows you to get paid immediately on your client invoices. If you are invoicing clients with 30, 60, or 90 day terms, we guarantee payment in 5 days less a convenience fee of around 3%.  Unlike a factor, there are no hold-back fees and our rate is  locked-in and does not vary based on when, or if your client pays. Our clients love it because not only do we improve their cashflow, but our service also allows them to increase sales, eliminate non-payment risk, and confidently take on larger orders with extended payment terms.




Increased Cash Flow 

Unlock the cash tied up within your Accounts Receivable quickly and easily and close the cash flow gap.

Eliminate Non-Payment Risk

Reduce write-offs and stress of non-payments with guaranteed invoice payments.

Maintain Financial Flexibility

Extend credit to your customers and use alongside bank loans and lines of credit.

Strengthen Your Balance Sheet

Grow your business sustainably through any business cycle by booking revenue, not liability on your balance sheet.

Reduce A/R Management Costs

Stop chasing customers for payment. Use your time and talent to grow your business.

Deploy Quickly

Set up your NOWaccount portal and start processing invoices in days!


Please note whether you prefer a phone call or e-mail connection in the last field. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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