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Stop Waiting to Get Paid

Accelerate Your Payments with NOWaccount

We enable businesses to Grow Fearlessly™ by changing the way they get paid.

How can NOW help your business?

NOW Corp’s flagship service, NOWaccount®, enables businesses to get paid immediately—in a way that feels like accepting a credit card for payment (no loan or factoring) when a card is not offered and an invoice is required. NOW Corp proudly serves businesses across the US who sell to customers worldwide.

NOWaccount is an easy to choose and easy to use payment solution used by business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G) companies to increase cash flow, guarantee payments and eliminate risk. NOWaccount allows businesses to get paid faster, take on larger contracts and focus on sustainable growth.

Our Clients Proudly Serve the Following Customers

Typically, large customers or government entities require extended payment terms to secure a contract. Unfortunately, these payment terms can put a strain on cash flow causing more harm than help.

With NOWaccount, our clients confidently close deals with customers like those listed above because they can extend credit knowing that they won’t have to wait on invoice payments – they receive their revenue immediately, with no impact on their customer.



Never wait on invoice payments again!

NOWaccount acts as a payment accelerator to get you the revenue you need in days!


Easy to choose and easy to use!

Quickly upload invoices and check on payments, and integrate our portal with Quickbooks!


NOWaccount transactions are off balance sheet, so you can use NOW alongside bank loans or lines of credit.

No liability, no debt – just your revenue, faster!


Our non-recourse transactions eliminate late or non-payment risk on your end. You get paid in days, regardless of when or if your customer.

Hear from Our Fabulous Clients

Sheila Jordan

Sheila Jordan

Sheila Jordan is CEO of Knowledge Architects. By using NOWaccount to accelerate her payments, she was able to launch a new business and grow over 300% in one year.

Frank Payne

Frank Payne

Frank Payne needed to accelerate cash flow to take on more clients. By using NOWaccount, he was able to reinvest in his business and his team to double his revenue.

Dean Boswell

Dean Boswell

Dean Boswell found success using his NOWaccount to do business with larger clients who needed extended payments terms.

Ready to Schedule Your Business Review?


To learn more about how NOWaccount can help your business increase cash flow and Grow Fearlessly, please fill out the form below, and a NOW Business Advisor will reach out to you directly. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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