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Solving the Cash Flow Crunch

Entrepreneur Lara Hodgson was running a manufacturing business when she realized that the big customer she had worked so hard to win wasn’t going to pay her on time. Her B2B company was experiencing the cash flow crunch.

Turns out ‘net 30’ on the invoice was just a suggestion,” says Hodgson.

She secured net 60 terms from her suppliers. But 60 days came and went without receiving the payment. She received another order instead, an order she couldn’t deliver.

NOW Corp President & CEO Lara Hodgson

This same cash flow crunch challenges every B2B company as they scale up to take larger orders from larger customers.


Most invoices aren’t paid until day 65.

The largest corporations are requiring 120.

How do you get the capital you need

to run your business when

you aren’t getting paid?

More business GROW out of business than GO out of business.

Why am I acting like a free bank to my customers?

“Everyone told me I should just go get a loan, or try factoring,” says Hodgson.

“But I didn’t want the restrictions, liabilities and risk that came with loans and factoring.

I just wanted to get paid.”

Waiting to get paid is giving a free loan to the customer.


Over lunch one day, Lara realized that no one leaves the restaurant without paying – that would be stealing.

Retailers get paid immediately and their customers defer payment by paying with a credit card.

But B2B companies? They’re asked wait, all the time.

An engineer by training, Hodgson set out to solve this core problem for businesses.

With her partners, she created NOWaccount®.

Thousands of B2B companies have used NOWaccount to get paid immediately.

Their customers don’t change a thing.

They still pay later.

NOW has been covered by:


Attain and sustain 300% growth

by not waiting to get paid.

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