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Chief Information Officer

Mel brings a 24+ year, proven track record of leading mission-critical IT teams, programs, and operations at companies like InterContinental Hotels Group, AT&T and Adecco. He has also played foundational roles with early-stage start-ups and spin-offs, leading product management.

Now benefits from Mel’s leadership in both business and technology arenas, including the deployment of payment solutions to capture $12+ billion per year in revenue. Similarly, Mel’s analytical solutions have powered revenue-generating decisions at $20+ billion-dollar telecom companies. He has led many multi-million dollar software initiatives—for example, with e-commerce, buyer-seller marketplaces, and M&A scenarios.

Mel has knowledge across key industries, such as payment, consulting, software, and telecom (among others). He has driven results in every functional department—sales, marketing, product management, customer service, finance, and HR. He brings experience with large, mid-sized, and smaller companies—and a strong understanding of how technology scales in both B2B and B2C markets.

Mel graduated with high honors from Georgia Tech ( BSEE) and spent two years in France where he earned a double degree from Georgia Tech Lorraine (MSEE) and L’École Supérieure d’Électricité (Diplôme de specialization). Mel is fluent in French and served on the advisory board for Georgia Tech Lorraine.

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