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NowAccount for QuickBooks Online


Now® provides integration with QuickBooks Online to streamline the experience of using NowAccount®.

Once connected, NowAccount automatically begins processing invoices for selected customers within minutes of saving the customer’s invoice. Journal entries associated with the processing and payment of submitted invoices are automatically posted.

Click here to read the integration guide before connecting QuickBooks Online with NowAccount.


What are the benefits of connecting QuickBooks Online with NowAccount?

Connecting NowAccount with QuickBooks Online is the fastest way to get paid! Invoice processing starts automatically within minutes of the invoice being saved in QuickBooks Online.

The integration also saves bookkeeping time by automatically booking the journal entries associated with the transaction, removing the need for entering journal entries manually.

Which invoices will NowAccount pick up from QuickBooks?

For the customers you have added to your NowAccount, Now automatically processes every invoice  within minutes of the first time you save the invoice provided the invoice terms are between net 10 to net 90.

To prevent an invoice from being processed before the invoice is ready, use Estimates in QuickBooks Online when your invoice is a work in process. Once the project details are finalized, it’s easy to transform your estimate into an invoice and save it.

I don't see anything when I sign in. Why?

Your NowAccount is not fully activated. Contact us at [email protected] and we’ll help you complete your account activation process.

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