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Adam brings 22 years of B2B software industry experience—in CRM, CX, marketing automation, analytics, cloud, and machine learning sectors. He has led 80+ go-to-market and revenue-growth programs across sales, channels, marketing, product and IT.

His pedigree includes work at many fast-growth, magic-quadrant-leading companies and multiple Unicorns—Siebel Systems, Oracle, Unica (IBM), VMware and He has also played key roles at KPCB, Sequoia, Menlo, Microsoft, and GE-backed startups, including

Prior to NOW Corp, Adam was VP of Marketing for an international market leader in workforce optimization and customer satisfaction. His strategy led to a 3x valuation increase for investors, and he grew pipeline 5x in 18 months, while lowering CAC. He also re-positioned the company, winning several international awards for its 88 Net Promoter Score.

Adam ran marketing operations and ROI analytics for 80K leads annually. He has delivered strategies to help $120M tech companies become $500M ones. And, he has started over 10 companies—all failing in early stages. Notably, he co-founded, which raised $500K but failed to license 43 “ex-CIA” encryption patents to apply to open source big data platforms.

Adam graduated with high honors from Georgia Tech with a degree in industrial design.

Adam Bloom
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